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VortX the new range of floor, roof and shower drainage products

VortX is a simplified range of components that connect to market leading cast iron brands Ensign, EEZI-FIT and Timesaver above and below ground drainage systems to enable PAM to offer complete drainage solutions. VortX will connect to any pipework material through a range of adaptors.

With VortX, selecting floor and roof drainage products has never been so easy. The VortX range continues to grow through a programme of product development and collaboration with specifier’s and contractors to offer solutions for all applications.

Floor Drains Roof Outlets  Stainless channel 

Cast iron trapped and un-trapped gullies and associated accessories: raising pieces, reducing bushes, inserts and spigot adaptors.  Gratings and rodding eyes in nickel bronze, stainless steel, and cast iron for typical use with tiles, marble, terrazzo, vinyl, resin and concrete floor finishes.

Cast iron roof outlets epoxy coated consisting of vertical, balcony and two-way parapet designs and associated components. Cast iron flat gratings sheradised, and polyester coated domical gratings all laboratory flow rate tested.  Associated components: raising pieces, gravel guard and adaptors. 

Stainless steel gullies, channel and gratings in Grade 304 as standard, typically for kitchen areas or areas of hygiene (Grade 316 stainless available on request).  A standard range of components supplemented, by a bespoke service to project requirements. 



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